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Our Work

We take pride in our work at LMP.

This starts with choosing quality products & equipment and ends with a results that we are proud to claim we built. LMP Specializes in building Custom Retaining Walls, Repairing Seawalls, Agriculture Leveling for Barns & Greenhouses and building Custom Stone Stairs, Patios and Walkways. Please see our project galleries below and contact our office for more information.

Retaining Walls

Adding a Retaining wall to your landscape is an excellent way to prevent soil erosion, which can lead to the loss of topsoil and increase the risk of flooding. A well-placed retaining wall can also ensure the soil doesn't displace onto your driveways, pathways, patios or steps which are harder to clean and risk for falling. 

Shoreline Protection

Protecting the shoreline of your water front properties doesnt have to be hard. Contact LMP to create a custom Shoreline Protection Plan that works for you. With many different options of stone and gravel, you are "shore" to find an option that fits your style. 

Grading & Leveling, Barns & Greenhouses

Agriculture Leveling & Grading is a big step in building new barns and greenhouses. Leave the work to the team at LMP and their range of mini excavators, rollers and skid steers designed for optimal indoor maneuvering for your next build.  

Driveways, Stairs & Sidewalks

Stone walkways, stairs and driveways have been growing in popularity and now it is easier than ever to design your perfect space. With a broad range of Armour stone, landscaping supplies and creativity the team at LMP is ready to tackle your project. 

Seawall Repair

As many seawalls along Long Point Bay and Lake Erie age, the land erodes away from them causing a collapse. Don't let this ruin your summer plans. Call the Seawall Repair Team at LMP for a free estimate.      

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